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Wordle Answers – Goose and Berth

There’s a new Wordle puzzle today! This one is all about sea travel! This puzzle has a special use and a new challenge! If you have been playing Wordle since the beginning, you know that the game is not about to end anytime soon. In fact, it’s been making new puzzles ever since it launched and we don’t expect it to stop anytime soon. In this article, we’ll explain the definition of each word and how to solve them!


Today’s GOOSE Wordle is a bit difficult to solve. This word is a large water bird with a long neck and short, broad bill. The word is also used to describe people, highlighting their silliness. But how do you solve this Wordle? You’ll find the answer below. Then you can enjoy the rest of the Wordle by following the instructions carefully. Let’s get started!


The BERTH wordle answer today is a hard one! As we have seen before, BERTH is not a word that we often use. It is a rare word with one vowel in position two. Because it is so uncommon, there are fewer letters in it that are easy to recognize. The easy letters are “R” and “T,” but a letter like “B” and an uncommon letter like “H” can be tough to guess.

BERTH is a noun and a verb

The correct answer for today’s Wordle is BERTH. This word is a noun and a verb. Its definition is “a fixed bunk on a ship or train, especially a passenger ship.” This word only has one vowel and only four other simple letters, including “R” and the letter “T.” However, this isn’t a big problem, as the word is fairly common.

BERTH is a resting point in a ship or boat

A berth is a designated place in a port or harbor where a ship or boat can moor. These structures provide a vertical front for the boat and help with loading and unloading cargo. Berths are typically designated by the management of the port or facility where the vessel is located. Berths are also used for parking. Listed below are some common uses of berths in shipping.

BERTH is a noun

Today’s Wordle puzzle is going to test your vocabulary, and the answer is BERTH. What’s so difficult about BERTH? It’s not your average word, and it doesn’t come in your dictionary very often. The word has only one vowel and limited simple letters. You’ll find “R” and “T” fairly common, but “B” and ‘H’ can be tricky.

BERTH is a verb

Today’s wordle puzzle question is a difficult one. The word is BERTH, and it’s one of many five-letter words that end in TH. The word has several meanings, including resting place, boat, and ship. Berth is a common nautical term, but it can also refer to a beach. It’s a resting place for people.


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