Why Won’t My Screen Recording Work?

Why won’t my screen recording work?

Many smartphone users of all operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows are a common question. Because screen recording is crucial for recording each moment of your screen activity that enables the users to see the recorded activity again in the future. There are many OS with specific requirements that you have to follow before capturing any screen recording. For instance, it is pretty easy on Android devices by only pulling down the notification panel to find the TAB of Screen recording, which you only have to press. The exact process is also applicable for iOS devices, but sometimes the recording does not start or work properly for many reasons. One of the reasons is that different apps may refuse the recorder to capture its activities.

So below, you will find some reasons and possible solutions for these problems.

  1. Restarting the device.

It is not a big deal if your screen recording works properly without any glitches but stops suddenly. You can fix it by only restarting your device; thus, the problem will resolve. To do it, hold the power button momentarily for Android; however, for iOS, press the power button along with the volume down button then you will see the arrow which you should slide towards the right. Moreover, after this process, your device will restart, which will most probably resolve your issue.

  1. The screen recorder does not work in every app.

Many people get confused and ask, why won’t my screen recording work? The answer is simple: many apps restrict the screen recorder to record their screen playback activities because they don’t allow users to copy their activities. Apps like Fair play streaming, PlayReady, and many available apps don’t let users capture the screen recording. If you start the screen recording, the app will not work and pause; you will see an error message on your screen. But unfortunately, you cannot fix this issue as it is related to the apps developers, not the issue of your device.

  1. Update your smartphone device.

Updating your phone to a newer version may sometimes resolve the issue. Because updating the device will fix the bugs and enhance your device’s performance. If you are using an Android or iOS device, go to the settings and check the updates in the about tab. If your mobile does not operate the latest version, install it; this will help you solve your problem in some instances.

  1. Install a new recording app.

If your default recording cannot work according to your preferences, we recommend installing the newer and the most updated screen capturing app from the Google Play store. There are many applications available in the Play store for Android, but for iOS, it won’t be that easy to get the app from the App store.

Web recorder for iOS devices and XRecorder for Android is perfect with a simple and easy interface.

  1. App icon missing in the control center.

Why won’t my screen recording work? A frequently searched term and asked question especially for new iPhone users because they usually cannot find the icon of screen capturing on their devices. Since they cannot find it, how will it work, but don’t worry, we will tell the solution.

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. There it would be best if you opened the control center tab.
  3. Now customize the icon by pressing the + screen recording
  4. Thus this way, you will get the screen recording on your smartphone in the control panel quickly.

6. Restrictions.

Well, the restriction is a common problem among many smartphone users. They don’t know how to remove them, but we are here to help you.

Follow these some simple steps; this way, you will be able to allow the screen recorder to capture your screen,

  1. Go to settings and open the screen time option.
  2. Press the Content and Privacy Restrictions; now scroll down and tab the content restrictions option.
  3. Here, we will find the Screen recording option.
  4. Finally, allow it, and then it will start working.

Overall, this process is only applicable for iPhone devices; turn off the Force desktop mode from settings for Android devices.


The question Why won’t my recording work? Isentirely answered in this article both for Android and iOS users. However, if you face this issue in certain apps, it cannot be resolved because the apps don’t allow you to record the screen for use again.

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