Warzone Patch Notes Today

Warzone Patch Notes Today

If you’re new to Warzone, you might be wondering what’s in the patch notes today. There are many new changes, so let’s take a look at some of the highlights! There is also news about the upcoming Blueprint Blitz expoint, the PPSh-41 nerf, and the PPSh-41 nerf. Hopefully, this information will help you make the most informed decision about the upcoming patch.

Blueprint Blitz

The Blueprint Blitz challenge event has been added to the Warzone menu. Players will have a week to unlock 11 new blueprints. These blueprints will be available in both the Plunder and the normal Battle Royale modes. Here are some of the changes in the patch notes today. Read on to find out what all the new content has to offer. This new game mode offers a number of fixes and improvements.

Assault Rifle expoint

The Assault Rifle has undergone a variety of changes in the warzone patch notes today. The damage multiplier of the NZ-41 has been nerfed to 1.0, and the barrel and suppressor of the popular assault rifle have been nerfed. The perks are all important, but some of them may not make as much of a difference as others. Here are some of the most notable changes.

PPSh-41 nerf

PPSh-41 nerf in Warzone patch notes today: the game is introducing changes to this gun, which have been on the market for some time. The nerf is not a surprise as it was implemented in February as part of the Vanguard integration. But with the changes, PPSh-41 is back to its normal power. It’s a shame though as the weapon is still one of the best in Warzone.

Assault Rifle nerf

The Assault Rifle has been nerfed, with a variety of perks removed and increased damage potential. Despite the nerf, the popular weapon remains a great choice for many players. Here are some of the other changes made in the July 7 patch notes:

Assault Rifle recoil nerf

Call of Duty: Warzone is experiencing a recoil nerf in its latest update. The recoil nerf is an effort to counter the “god tier” assault rifle loadout that has become one of the game’s mainstays. The patch notes for today’s update also include several other weapon nerfs and buffs. In the Assault Rifle nerf, developers have reduced the minimum damage multipliers. The recoil nerf will affect both the 6.5mm Sakura 75 round drums and the 8mm Klauser Rifle 50 round mag.

STG44 nerf

If you play Warzone, you may have noticed that the STG44 assault rifle has received a nerf in the patch notes for the June 2nd, 2022 update. The nerf has mainly impacted the STG44’s head locational damage multiplier and minimum damage. This makes it much weaker at a distance and could cause other changes to the weapon’s loadout.

ZRG 20mm sniper rifle nerf

The ZRG-20mm sniper rifle is one of the most lethal sniper rifles in Black Ops: Cold War, but it’s also one of the slowest and with the least ammo. The best way to play this weapon is to prioritize strategy over tactics. Instead of rushing in with a high-powered weapon, you should spend your time learning the map and targeting common enemy movements and Scorestreaks. Moreover, you should focus on strategy and not on tactics, so that you can score as many kills as possible.


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