Space Ghost Coast to Coast Lyrics

Space Ghost Coast to Coast Lyrics

The new single from Space Ghost combines bits of millennial nostalgia with musings on school shootings, and the band’s frontman Dave Bayley has revealed the inspiration behind the lyrics. The track first teased its release during the band’s Deja Vu Tour, which will kick off in 2020. Here are the lyrics for Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Read on for a closer look! The band’s next album will be titled Glass Animals, and we’ll get to hear it there.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Glass Animals interpreted Space Ghost Coast to the lyrics for their upcoming album Dreamland, due out in 2020. The band’s sound blends metal and quake. Their lyrics are mature and suggestive of extreme violence. It is recommended for an audience of at least 18 years of age. This video has mature content and may contain coarse language, sexual references, and graphic violent images. LyricsRoll assumes no liability for misuse or loss caused by the information it provides.

Glass Animals

If you’ve ever wondered what the words to “Space Ghost Coast to Shore” meant, then you’ve come to the right place. The lyrics of this song by Glass Animals were written by Dave Bayley and are a delight to read! It’s a beautiful, hypnotic song about an ominous, uncharted world that seems to have no end. You’ll love the tense atmosphere that this song evokes, the tumbling, and eloquent singing.

The song begins with a brief description of the song’s inspiration. It refers to an old friend who once brought a gun to school. “My old friend brought a gun to school,” Dave explains, while the lyrics are about memories of a life that is gone forever. The song ends with a poignant, yet beautiful, reference to the old friend that brought this gun to school. The lyrics are a fitting reflection of the band’s history and their friendship.


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