Rhony Season 6 Lipstick Alley

In “RHONY” season 6, the audience will have to watch closely for the cigarette butts of Sonja Morgan and Bethenny Frankel, as well as the trip to Atlantic City for the women’s fashion week. But who will be left out in the show’s aftermath? Here’s a look at some of the women who will be leaving after season six:

Sonja Morgan’s cigarette butts

After the recent controversy surrounding Sonja Morgan’s cigarette butt, fans were surprised to find out she slept with a guy – only about five times, on average. However, the actress was not exactly shy about sleeping with a guy. Even when there was male company, she stayed in the bedroom. Sonja was never accused of prostitution in the show, but many of her friends have criticized her for doing so.

The episode ended with her assistant trying to bring Sonja back to reality and trying to ask her about her life. The assistant tries to make Sonja think about her life and what she did in the past, but she cannot get the actress back to reality. In addition, the assistant feels bad for Sonja for making her go crazy over a tv show.

Sonja Morgan’s trip to Atlantic City in rhony season 7

In “Sonja Morgan’s Trip to Atlantic City in Rhony season 7,” we get a glimpse into the antics that Sonja gets up to when she goes to Atlantic City. Heather Thomson, Sonja’s best friend, says that the woman kept saying she was too drunk to say anything, but when Bethenny freaks out, she leaves her to fend for herself. However, Bethenny’s sister Dorinda gets the short end of the stick and ends up staying with Sonja.

“The girls were thrown for a loop when the group got to the hotel,” says Heather, who had a good reason for pissed at the thought of taking a shower in the hotel’s bathroom. The shower was so full of water, it looked like a bowling alley. Meanwhile, outside, a jackhammering crew was pounding on the side of a townhouse.

Bethenny Frankel’s departure from “RHONY”

Whether or not Bethenny Frankel will be missed by fans of the Bravo reality show remains to be seen. The actress’ departure has left fans scratching their heads. However, her former castmates aren’t too upset about her exit. One castmate told Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM show that Frankel was “really nasty,” and that she’ll continue to hold her own. “Bethenny was a very tough competitor on the show,” said Luann.

After stepping away from the “RHONY” set, Bethenny Frankel is now focused on charitable work. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the “RHONY” star launched a disaster relief program called BStrong. She also joined forces with Global Empowerment Mission to support vulnerable children in disaster areas. Despite the dramatic change, she says that ratings for “RHONY” have dropped. She believes that viewers are looking for uplifting stories and inspiring content.


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