How To Transfer Data From One Sim To Another

How To Transfer Data From One Sim To Another

Have you ever desired to transfer your sim data from one sim to another? If yes, this article can be a sweet spot for you! I will teach you all about How To Transfer Data From One Sim To Another. This comprehensive guide will go through the whole process of transferring the photos, videos, contacts, and much more from one sim card to another.

Want to know How To Transfer Data From One Sim To Another? Just have a look below as all the essential things regarding How To Transfer Data From One Sim To Another are explained below;

Things To Do While Transferring SIM Card Data:

  1. Removing your previous SIM card from your phone is step number one.
  2. Connect to a Wi-Fi network or data plan if required after inserting the new SIM card into your phone and turning it on
  3. . Go to Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Preferred Network Type on your phone and choose “Mobile Data” or “Cellular Network” (or similar)
  4. Select “Chosen Network” and pick LTE/GSM/CDMA as your preferred network type (auto mode)

How Should I Transfer Sim Data From One SIM Card To Another?

It is possible to move your contacts, photographs, movies, and more from one SIM card to another using the instructions provided here.

Step 1.

Use the Exact Same Network with a Different Cellular Provider The network type used by both providers should be the same (GSM or CDMA). Try calling customer support for assistance if it doesn’t work. You may also need a phone that can be unlocked. A GSM or CDMA network carrier is required if you want to transmit data across two distinct SIM cards on different networks.

Have in touch with customer service to get the smartphone unlocked so that you may change out SIM cards with ease. This is only essential if you need to change cell towers and carriers while swapping your SIMs.

Step 2.

Discard the old SIM card and insert the new one into your phone. Your phone comes with instructions on how to remove or replace your old sim card (instructions vary depending on the phone). Your new SIM card should be inserted into your phone’s slot after you’ve removed the old one. Before returning to the phone’s home screen, a dialer screen should appear immediately. Select “Yes” when a popup message box asks whether you’d want to transfer contacts and then click “Continue.” Click next after selecting “Yes.”

Step 3.

You’ll see a pop-up asking whether you wish to move data and contacts from one sim card to another. You may then proceed by clicking the next button in the bottom left corner of the pop-up message box once you’ve selected “Yes”. Your phone’s contact information may take a few minutes to transfer, but after it has, the new sim card should appear as active in the device’s settings.

When you’re done moving SIM cards, you may finally turn off your phone or computer!

If you need data from one SIM card to another, here’s how to do it without having to shut down your smartphone. If your phone has a carrier-specific SIM lock, you’ll need to do this procedure. This is the second step. Do Not Use Your Old Sim Card in Your Phone Anymore

Step 4.

Get a New Sim Card – Put it on Your Phone. If your phone or laptop is still running, turn it off. You may now remove the old SIM card and insert the new one into the slot before reactivating your devices! Restart your devices when you’ve finished reinstalling everything.

Hope this article will be extremely beneficial for you and you will know all about How To Transfer Data From One Sim To Another!

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